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Our Programs


Introductory Program 

 This is an entry-level program. This would be for riders beginning to learn how to jump. We would correctly place them with a horse or pony suited to them. At this level you might begin in private lessons before integrating into semi private. You would be expected to begin to full or half lease a horse. This is designed to move you to the next level and begin competing.

Intermediate Program

At this level you would have began jumping and be expected to lease or buy a horse. This is a great time to begin showing at Washington's many nice local venues. At this level we would expect you to be attending a few horse shows a year. This is a time to start thinking about your personal goals for riding.


Advanced Program

The advance program is designed for the dedicated rider. By this time you and your trainers have your set goals in mind for each year. You would be working your way up to competing at the top level. This is the program for people with big goals and that are willing to work hard for them. You would be attending multiple shows each year across the country. 

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