At Infinity we provide general care for the horse. We pride ourselves on a happy and healthy environment for the horses and rider. From all age when begin to teach riders horsemanship skills. An important part of our program is teaching the rider horse care on and off the ground.







Training Program

Our training program consists of a 3 lessons and 2 professional rides on your horse or pony per week. Also included is a free hack day for the rider to come practice on their own. On days the horses get training rides grooming is included. Daily grain and supplement distribution is provided. Scheduling of vet, dental, chiropractic ect. is covered.  make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.


Show Program

Our show program consists of daily grooming, clipping, feeding, and care of the stalls. This will also include a show plan altered to horse and rider. All show entries, scheduling and travel arrangements for the horse will be covered.


Finding a Horse 

We will provide assistance on picking out the right horse or pony for you. If you are coming into the program without your own horse there are many options. We have horses and ponies in barn available to lease or will find you a horse/pony to buy or lease.